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– Non-Spill and Pierceable options

  • Fused thermoplastic seal ring or foam liner
  • No Floaters with our new ‘’Pierceable’’ option
  • Meet FDA standards for food contact applications

– Eco Friendly

  • Precise Fit
  • Compatible with any water cooler

  • Compatible with any 3, 4 and 5 gallon bottle

  • Compatible with any capping equipment

  • Competitive Prices

  • Custom Labels

HOD Closures for 5 gallon Water Bottles

The closures for 5 gallon bottled water containers are also known as HOD closures or HOD caps.  The vast majority of HOD bottles in North America are made using extrusion blow moulding which requires secondary trimming operations leading to rough, oval necks and exhibiting a variation in diameter.  This often results in bottle- cap leakage unless an adequate closure is used.

H2OD Solutions offer only probe actuated HOD caps: the traditional ‘’Non-Spill’’ type and a new ‘’Pierceable’’.

capThe ‘’Non-Spill’’ cap has a movable inner plug that will stay attached to the tip the water cooler probe upon contact. When the bottle is lifted, the inner plug will take its original position re-closing the center opening of the cap

cap2The new ‘’ Pierceable’’ HOD closure incorporates a central plastic flap that is activated by the water cooler probe. The flap will never detach as it is hinged on the cap body.