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  • BPA -Free
  • Stunning clarity

  • Precision moulded neck eliminating cap leakers

  • No “weld-line” to be potential leakage points

  • No trimming thus no scrap to be reincorporated in the manufacturing process

  • Higher recyclability
  • Stress cracking free
  • Seamless integration

  • Non hollowed handle allows for unobstructed cleaning

  • Impact resistant due to its flexibility

  • No volume changes after 40 washes at 140 degree F

3 and 5 Gallon BPA-Free HOD Water Bottles

Deliver 100% pure, odourless, tasteless bottled water with our new PET refillable-returnable-recyclable-durable HOD water bottles.  Plus they offer similar (if not higher) field performances to polycarbonate bottles.

5 gallon PET water bottle

5 gallon bottle dimensions